Friday, 3 October 2014

An Act of Kindness!

Punctuality is simply not our kids virtue!!

This time,like all days  they were late .I left for home without giving them tuition, as a punishment, with a doubt in my mind if the kids would learn the lesson and value time or would we be back to square One. After sometime, I heard some noise outside my house and saw my monkeys trying to figure out where lived.

I couldn't stop laughing seeing them with a gift, for me, as an apology. I was touched to see how these innocent hearts had brought so much affection and love with them. And, yes, they did promise me to be on time now on.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Talking to bhavesh always amazes me. Unlike a 7 8 year old who ideally aspires to become a doctor,engineer,lawyer,painter or a poet,he wishes to be a joker.

he is fortunate to have a loving family and being the youngest he is the most adored kid.He is the youngest kid at shwas. His intellect and sincerity inspires us to work with him,understand him and mentor him in his academics and discipline.Eventually we transferred him to a private school  (samrth balvihar shala, Ahmedabad) from municipality school.

He has always been an outstanding student in his class scoring 90% in 3rd standard.I would like to call him blessed kid because of his intelligence.He has very caring and sharing nature.He is always ready to help others with whatever he can like sharing his pencil,notebook,lunch and at times even with his knowledge.It is our privilege to have him at shwas.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Shilpa, a 14 year old girl started doing all the household chores when her 
time should be dedicated to studies and fun, this is story about a shwas 

girl shilpa.

Shilpa started coming to shwas when she was 10. Her father is a rickshaw 

driver , mother a housewife and has two younger brothers. She is determined ,
hard working, sincere and courageous by nature. Her dream is to become a mu
nicipalty teacher and teach kids like her. After completing 8th std from 

municipalty school her father decided to discontinue her further studies
 because of financial constraints  and also there were no classes aftr 8th in
 municipalty school , but looking at her dedication towards studies we decided
to admit her in private school  so we collected some funds through friends
and families and admitted her in "Samarth balvihar Shala". She was very

 happy to know this. Her life has totally changed after that ,she now studies 
for two hours at shwas and then attends her school. Her dedication , 

sincerity has increased after this . Noticing her art skills which are unbeatable
her drawing teacher decided to give her free coaching classes for various 
art exams. Her fathers view has also changed after realizing how intelligent 

his daughter is and has decided to teach her till college. She is a true 
motivator for all her community kids and also the first girl in her family 
to study aftr 8th std. 

shwas-breathe life into

Shwas is an effort started by a group of volunteers to teach the underprivileged kids of Gulbai Tekra area. Started in 2009 year , our aim is to help them in their curricular activities, teach manners, inculcate sense of hygiene, and help them follow and fulfill their dreams, and gain recognition in the society. We initially started at a garden in the vicinity of Gulbai Tekra but because of the open space the kids were not able to concentrate there. All pieces seemed to fit well when Yuva Unstoppable helped us get permission to teach the kids at Municipality school every weekend for 2 hours. Besides teaching school curriculum we also celebrate various festivals with them. After teaching and spending time with them we realized that some of the kids are very intelligent and so we helped them secure admission in good private schools. Since we have been with the kids for years now, we have come to categorize know kids who might not be ‘that’ intelligent but are good in other activities like dance, drama, drawing, stitching, and other such activities. We work assiduously towards imparting training in such vocational activities so that they can earn their livelihood and don’t have to do labor work. This is our small effort in bringing change in the society .
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