Sunday, 14 July 2013

shwas-breathe life into

Shwas is an effort started by a group of volunteers to teach the underprivileged kids of Gulbai Tekra area. Started in 2009 year , our aim is to help them in their curricular activities, teach manners, inculcate sense of hygiene, and help them follow and fulfill their dreams, and gain recognition in the society. We initially started at a garden in the vicinity of Gulbai Tekra but because of the open space the kids were not able to concentrate there. All pieces seemed to fit well when Yuva Unstoppable helped us get permission to teach the kids at Municipality school every weekend for 2 hours. Besides teaching school curriculum we also celebrate various festivals with them. After teaching and spending time with them we realized that some of the kids are very intelligent and so we helped them secure admission in good private schools. Since we have been with the kids for years now, we have come to categorize know kids who might not be ‘that’ intelligent but are good in other activities like dance, drama, drawing, stitching, and other such activities. We work assiduously towards imparting training in such vocational activities so that they can earn their livelihood and don’t have to do labor work. This is our small effort in bringing change in the society .
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