Sunday, 14 July 2013


Shilpa, a 14 year old girl started doing all the household chores when her 
time should be dedicated to studies and fun, this is story about a shwas 

girl shilpa.

Shilpa started coming to shwas when she was 10. Her father is a rickshaw 

driver , mother a housewife and has two younger brothers. She is determined ,
hard working, sincere and courageous by nature. Her dream is to become a mu
nicipalty teacher and teach kids like her. After completing 8th std from 

municipalty school her father decided to discontinue her further studies
 because of financial constraints  and also there were no classes aftr 8th in
 municipalty school , but looking at her dedication towards studies we decided
to admit her in private school  so we collected some funds through friends
and families and admitted her in "Samarth balvihar Shala". She was very

 happy to know this. Her life has totally changed after that ,she now studies 
for two hours at shwas and then attends her school. Her dedication , 

sincerity has increased after this . Noticing her art skills which are unbeatable
her drawing teacher decided to give her free coaching classes for various 
art exams. Her fathers view has also changed after realizing how intelligent 

his daughter is and has decided to teach her till college. She is a true 
motivator for all her community kids and also the first girl in her family 
to study aftr 8th std. 

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